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Top Dollar for PanAmerica any condition Private Seller

8 months ago Airstream Trailers WANTED  Chicago, IL 240 Views 0 Watching
Title: Top Dollar for PanAmerica any condition
State or Province:IL
City: Chicago
Type of Sale:Private Seller
Listed:8 months ago
Location: Chicago, IL
Price : Wanted


I will pay top dollar today !!

I m looking for a PA In any condition. Full renovated would be best but, I will do a ground up restoration as well.

Thank you,


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By User: BDolehide
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Revision Date: 2020-05-02 14:38:40
By User: BDolehide
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Posted by Foiled Again (8 months ago)

Welcome to AA, Alumaholics Anonymous, my name is Paula and am an Alumaholic. Resistance is futile. This is my opinion and it is worth what you are paying for it. I looked at a used one -when it was 1 year old. Made me go "meh" rather than tremble with eagerness. Just too many poorly thought out compromises, looked sterile and boring and not robust enough to really haul anything bigger than a dirt bike. 33 feet long with a sideways queen? Please. Sorry ass banquette with a two pedestal adjustable table - just try to get it level. Tray tables would have worked better. Diamond plate floors in the garage... slip sliding away. The Pan America model was a flop. Only 75 ever made and sold. You'll read threads here from people looking for rare vintage parts only to find them described as "unobtanium". Ditto for PanAmericans. Still want one? Seriously? Crazy idea.... Build one yourself... totally customize it. Start with a newer tri-axle 33/34 footer, order a rear door assembly from the factory, and have at it. It will be a full monte, but it will be truly yours and unique. A Few companies, like Timeless Travel Trailers can actually order empty shells from Airstream and customize them for you. I would guess $250K total...(WAG - untamed donkey guess).

Posted by brick1 (8 months ago)

I think the Panamerica was a 25 ft layout plus the garage section.

Posted by skyguyscott (8 months ago)

FWIW, the production number I heard was 19 made. I do agree that if money is not so much an object, you would probably do better to buy a three axle used coach and have timeless trailer amaze you.

Posted by Goin camping (8 months ago)

If that is your dream trailer OP. Don't let us talk you out of it. Best of luck in finding yours.

Posted by onemorejeff (8 months ago)

IIRC A to Z motors have 2 of them. 1 in NC and 1 in Cal.

Posted by Foiled Again (8 months ago)

Quoted text:
IIRC A to Z motors have 2 of them. 1 in NC and 1 in Cal.
Their website doesn't let you look at individual units. I am curious but NOT INTERESTED in buying one. Always like to browse though. Covid19 is making me stir crazy. The layout IS a bit like a FB25 with a toy room on the back. The sideways queen is really squeezed - and should be twins for better access. Storage for clothing etc is blah.

Posted by 21Airstream (8 months ago)

Quoted text:
FWIW, the production number I heard was 19 made...
+1. Thatís what I thought too.

Posted by PatLee (8 months ago)

BDolehide - I laughed out loud when I saw your post to purchase a Panamerica. Coincidentally, I had just watched "The Accountant" the night before and was fascinated by Affleck's character and the beautiful Airstream he kept stored with his prize possessions. His auto-answer when asked by the female lead - "What is this?" bespoke his one-track mind as a true Airstream aficionado when he replied: Panamerica, Airstream. 34 feet 7 inches long. Eight feet, 5 inches wide. Perfectly adequate for one person, preferable even. . . .I'd like to spend more time here . . . .plus it's on wheels and I can hook it up and be gone in 12 minutes." Obviously, I played this part over and over.

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