Tips For Buyers

Tips For Buyers

If you are using our classifieds as a buyer please take a moment to read this article for Tips, FAQs and other resources to assist your shopping experience.

Set some personal expectations. Decide what you can spend, what size and vintage RV you are looking for and how far you are willing to travel to look at or pick it up.  It’s not uncommon for a determined buyer to travel 1000 miles or more for the right Airstream as some models are in scarce supply.

Check out the rig. For a first time RVer assessing the condition of used Airstream can be daunting.  A legitimate seller should be willing to let you look through, under and in the trailer.  While older Airstreams often have repair issues, a buyer that tells you little about the condition of the Airstream or says they have no idea if something works may be masking a larger issue. AIR has volunteer inspectors available to help with long distance purchases or to come along with you on an inspection.  Our inspectors are volunteers and make no warranty about their expertise, but sometimes it’s nice to have an extra set of eyes along.

Be prepared to buy.  Some Airstream models, especially the small ones sell very quickly.  You will need to be prepared to move quickly towards your purchase.  Have your financing lined up and a plan for exchanging funds for item.  Make sure that you understand the rules surrounding vehicle sales in the state in which you purchase and be sure to get a valid title.

Avoid fraud.  Be aware that there are unscrupulous folks out there. Avoid any interaction that seems odd to you or ‘feels’ wrong.  Inquiries from consignment sellers, sellers ‘agents’ and other non-traditional approaches should be treated with caution.

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