Beware of Scams



The best way to avoid fraud and make sure you know the condition of the item you are going to buy is to shop locally. Make sure to take a look at the item for sale. It’s very common for sellers to post the pretty pictures. Often they conveniently overlook the negative issues which can come as a surprise to many buyers. A nicely polished trailer might have a rotten floor. There could be a dent on one corner that you can’t see in the photos. Going to look at the item for sale is the best way to mitigate this risk.

If you cannot go inspect the item for sale try to find a volunteer inspector to go take a look for you. Keep in mind these are kind folks who have volunteered their time and don’t expect a detailed report from them. It’s also suggest to reimburse the inspectors for their gas and time if you feel compelled. You can make arrangements with them individually. You can search for inspectors by State at the following link:  You must be logged into the forum and then can search by state or city. Be sure to check the inspectors option to find a list of inspectors in your area.

Another important aspect to ensuring a smooth transaction is to verify the seller. Chat with them on the phone, find out who they are, how long have they owned the Airstream, who did they buy it from? Get their full name, connect with them on facebook, search for their name and phone number on Google, ask for a copy of their drivers license and make sure all the data matches. You can also click the link in the ad on their username and look to see when they registered, how many posts they have on AIR Forums, etc.

MAKE SURE TO TALK WITH THEM BY PHONE. If you feel confident that this is a person you can trust, then ONLY use as the escrow service to protect your transaction.

Lastly, BUYER BEWARE, don’t get sucked into having to close on a deal so quickly that you act in haste. On all classifieds sites there are sellers who are bad people and would like to steal your money. Be careful, do your research and protect yourself by only using as the escrow company for your transaction. NEVER use a trusted 3rd party Escrow service besides