Tow Vehicle wanted to tow 2015 Airstream in Grand Rapids, MI to Albuquerque, NM

  • Street: 2112 Campbell Rd NW
  • Country: United States
  • State or Province: New Mexico
  • City: Albuquerque
  • Zip/Postal Code: 87104
  • Listed: November 9, 2018 2:27 pm
  • Expires: 20 days, 19 hours

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We purchased a 2015 Flying Cloud Airstream in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are thinking about flying to Grand Rapids, purchasing a used vehicle and driving our new rig to New Mexico (where we live). We were going to upgrade our 20 year old GMC Dually at some point but maybe now is the time. If we like the truck, we will keep it. Otherwise, we will sell it once we get back to Albuquerque. So, the vehicle will have to be in good shape and be at a good price so we don’t lose money if we decide to sell it. We have no rust here and people have advised us against buying a truck in Michigan…due to rust. We are also looking into having it shipped to us. Please contact us at or call 505-249-3441. Thank You!

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19 Responses to “Tow Vehicle wanted to tow 2015 Airstream in Grand Rapids, MI to Albuquerque, NM”


    Just ship it IMO. Unless you are a car dealer it will be tough to not be a costly move. Also MI has some rules about sales tax I had to deal with before where if MI doesn’t have a reciprocal arrangement with your home state you’ll pay MI tax and that’s added expense. Look at rental companies ie UHAUL relocating trucks it may be cheaper to rent.

  2. Mrjkq

    That sounds like a real bad plan, end of comment.

  3. Ship it. You are over-complicating this.

  4. 1. Don’t worry about rust. Modern vehicles do not rust like older vehicles. This is due to the type of coating etc and metals used. You will see many older cars entirely without rust. I’ve driven cars for 10 years without any sign of rust.
    2. If you buy a vehicle in MI, my suggestion is that you go online and scour for good used vehicles or new vehicles. Right now there are many good new truck sales on.
    3. What are you going to use for a hitch? Does the AS come with it?
    4. Make sure it is winterized before towing it, and be very careful of the weather forecast. This time of the year can be challenging. We just had 3 inches of snow in Northern WI. Freezing rain is common this time of year.
    5. I know you can by really good 1/4 ton trucks (which would be adequate for a 25′) and get very good deals on new ones.

    Good luck.

  5. What could possibly go wrong? Please have it shipped you.


    My first Airstream – a 19’ Flying Cloud – was a new old stock bought on eBay from an Airstream dealer in New England. I had it delivered to me in Arizona for around $3500. The driver towed it behind his truck; it arrived in great condition, he parked it carefully in our garage and spent a couple of hours explaining everything. He was an Airstreamer himself and told me he freelances for the dealers to do exactly what you’re asking.

  7. Researching used vehicles in the past, I have found vehicles from Michigan and the Northeast have decreased value because of rust concerns. Unless it was a great deal, I would steer clear especially if you will be keeping the vehicle for a long time.

  8. I live in Grand Rapids…have my whole life. Don’t let anyone kid you, rust IS an issue. This summer I finally sold my 2004 Suburban Z71. I loved that TV and took extra special care to make it always look original and new, which included in the last 10 years an annual or every-other year visit to my local body shop to remove rust…in the door panels, rocker panels, rear lift gate, and other exterior areas where Michigan road salt and moisture would hide and create ferrous oxide.
    I replaced the 2004 Suburban this year with a 2017 Ford Expedition. The muffler, visible just forward of the rear bumper, is showing rust, and recently I viewed some orange spots at the bottom of one of the rear passenger doors.
    I’ve seen through my years of living here what rust does to vehicles, and don’t let anyone tell you that new ones are not susceptible…especially trucks with open frames and open wheel openings.
    Ship the trailer to NM…and enjoy it!

  9. Hi

    While we can debate the truck and salt …. AS trailers also are impacted by salt. Towing one in mid winter …. errr …. not so much. It’s not quite heavy salt season in most places. Either get it moved soon or wait for a couple months.

    Buying a used vehicle and then heading out on a long trip involving heavy towing … wow. I can think of a lot of things that could go wrong. I can equally think of a number of reasons to want to see a “new to you” trailer before you commit to owning it.

    An alternative – fly out and *rent* a tow vehicle. Tow the trailer back and then fiddle with replacing the truck.


  10. You could try to locate one of those transporters (individuals) who move new trailers from OEM in Indiana to their retail outlets. They move trailers all the time and can give you a price that could make it worth doing. Save you time, money, getting insurance for a vehicle, etc.
    Let a professional move it. They are insured and bonded.

  11. I don’t know where you guys drive and get rust. But I don’t see that in Wisconsin. One should easily be able to get a few year old vehicle that is in excellent condition. I’ve owned numerous cars and have had them for years with no rust. And I drive in WI, and they treat roads here. Yes older cars in the late 1990’s may have more. But that was then, this is now.

    And as far as driving an AS back. I drove my pickup 6.5 hours and drove it back 6.5 hours through city traffic out of the Twin Cities back to NE Wisconsin. First time towing. So it can be done.

    The biggest issue is the weather. That would be my main concern. Not the TV, nor the towing.

  12. Hi

    Like it or not, AS trailers do indeed rust. Stop by and I can show you multiple points on my two year old trailer. It’s never been out on salty roads and never gone swimming in the ocean. :) It did live for a while on a lot at Colonial which is somewhere near the ocean. ( = they are in New Jersey).

    Equally if I crawl around on my nice new F-250 I can show you places with rust here and there. I also can show you spots on the Honda next to it in the driveway and could spot points rusting on every car or truck that’s been in that driveway.

    Are we still back in the 60’s and 70’s with side panels disintegrating almost before the car / truck is off the lot? No, things have gotten better. You don’t see the massive body rust you once saw. Trading in every few years because the vehicle has completely disintegrated is no longer part of the plan. still going on, but not on as large a scale.


  13. ITSNO60

    That’s one advantage of living in the desert, rust is pretty much non-existent. If we want the rusted look on our yard stuff we have to use acid or buy “rust in a can”. I put brakes on my 2002 Superduty yesterday and the old rotors slid right off. Exhaust manifold bolts don’t freeze up, they loosen and fall out.

    Back to the OP if you really want to do this you could maybe rent a U-haul and find someone who needs stuff hauled to ALB in the U-haul to help with expenses. I know there are sites with data bases that hook people up and put things like that together.

  14. What about just driving the 20 year old dually up to get it?

  15. I currently live about 3 hours north of Grand Rapids and almost jumped at opportunity to deliver your AS to N.M. because we love the 4 corners area so much. Also used to live in Colorado and Florida. Could say we get around quite a bit having towed our AS all over Western USA and Florida to Michigan several times. But the reality is that there is so much liability with every thing these days that you probably would be better off hiring a professional tow service or renting a vehicle as others have suggested. Best of luck.

  16. I would rent a dual rear wheel U Haul truck, one way, either that are have it shipped. You would not have to have an equalizer hitch and could hook it to ball on rear and there is a place for the light cord to plug in. Sure you’ll get different ideas, but this is what I’d do. Also, this wouldn’t break the bank. These U Hauls are 1 ton-1 1/2 ton chassis trucks.

  17. So I understand, you want buy a vehicle you are not familiar with (tire condition, handling in bad weather) and hook it to a trailer you have no history with (tire condition,hitch capability) climb in and drive to NM in the winter from MI….and you are concerned about rust on the new TV purchase?

    I wouldn’t take the trailer on a drive like that without a tire inspection/replacement whether you try it yourself or have a driveaway service do it.

    Just have it shipped and avoid being on the news.

  18. I bought a 2015 27 ft last year in Ontario Canada and had it shipped to Tucson where I live. is an e-bay type of service where shippers bid on your job. No way I could have flown up there, bought a truck and all you’ve suggested for $2300 which is about what I paid for the whole delivery. First class, I’m recommending. all the best. db

  19. Jakeo62

    [QUOTE=Silver Burrito;2178745] But the reality is that there is so much liability with every thing these days that you probably would be better off hiring a professional tow service or renting a vehicle as others have suggested. Best of luck.[/QUOTE]

    Hello, I must say that I live thru your adventures daily and feel I can help in this one.(My first posts explain my camping experiences so I have a bit of knowledge:cool:).
    Last summer wife and I were heading home (Ohio) after 2 week vacation in upper Michigan when my dream truck (1998 GMC 2500 4×4, 7.4 Vortec) decided it needed a new motor. Towing our boat I had to make split decisions about how to get it home.
    AAA came and got boat and truck to service center and suggested U Haul.
    I shipped piggyback my truck back home thanks to AAA+ and driver dropped me off at a nearby U Haul. Te rep was awesome and before I knew it I was in a box truck and off to pick up my boat. I got their insurance along with contacting mine just in case. The truck had less then 1k miles and rated to tow gear and all 18k. I was amazed at how easy towing was and mileage was better then my truck.
    I decided to have a crate 454 cu in Vortec put in my truck but needed a tow vehicle to tow locally and daily driver. I went back to where I dropped off box truck and they set me up with [B]EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED[/B], a 2500 GMC pick up. I rented this for a week at a flat rate with unlimited mileage and finished our last week of vacation using the U Haul.
    Talking to the U Haul travel center Rep. taught me alot about what they rent .IMHO the 2500 is more then you need and they will hook you up with needed WD hitch for a cost but atleast done professionally.
    Personally if you have never seen the trailer I would hop a plane and have a truck ready as you take it home yourself. Having someone else do it is asking more than I would EVER do.
    Good Luck and think FAST…Snow hitting us very quick.

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